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When you live intentionally things happen.  They might happen for you today.  They might not happen for you tomorrow but eventually things will begin to happen for you that will enable you to build a successful full life.  In 1993, I sat in my room, I was by myself and I had a choice to make.  I had a choice and the choice was I could continue on with my life or I could pretty much end my life.  Looking back to that day in 1993 reminds me of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” and the last few lines of that poem“…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I; I took the one less traveled by; and that has made all the difference.”  It would’ve been easy to take the road everyone else traveled.


I want the message to get out that you may be in a bad place right now you might be in a very dark place right now but trust me when I say this – if you are listening to my show you have begun the process of becoming intentional.  You need to be intentional to bring change in your life.  You might not have the job you want, you might not have the house you want, shoot you might not even have a house, you might still have the demons talking in your head, there might be periods of time when you’re experiencing the feelings of being overwhelmed,  full of anxiety; all of these things add up to where you need change in your life or you perish.  If you are not intentional about the change needed  you  run the risk of being  institutionalized, incarcerated or no longer with us anymore.


Success is measured in many ways.  For some success means having lots of money, the big house, the fast car or the trophy spouse.  Or, for me success is that I am here today able to share my message with you.  If I hadn’t asked for help back in 1993 I wouldn’t be here today able to share my message.

That’s what 'Success An Intentional Lifestyle' is all about. On the show we talk about a lot of things that have to do with how you get yourself unstuck so you can become successful in life. We explore how you become intentional about your lifestyle. How you make the changes needed. How you take the steps. How you get out of that comfort zone you keep yourself in. How you get away from that bottle. How you get away from those pills, and we are going to do it in a way that is intentional hearing from people who have been there and done that. Living intentionally is a choice. It's a choice only you can make. Eric Thomas said that “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” If you are willing to begin living your life intentionally your life will be uncommon. You will live a life that others only dream of. Remember, you have the power to live intentionally. I’m your host Jeff Heiser and I hope you will join me each week - Saturday noon to 1:00 PM EST. Until then stay safe, be intentional and spread the word Success is an Intentional Lifestyle. Warmest regards, Jeff Heiser Success Leader


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Jeff Heiser

Success Leader


Nationally known radio talk show host, motivational speaker and business leader.


Jeff Heiser is the founder of Talk Network Radio, an on-line global radio network owned and operated by Media Fish Productions LLC.


Jeff, is an accomplished business motivator, leader and communicator with over 38 years of diverse business and entrepreneurial experience.  He has played significant roles in six successful business startups.  In a recent business, he was one of the key players in building over a billion dollar backlog of new business.  He has sat across the negotiation table from foreign ministers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and the CEOs of major airlines and software companies such as jetBlue, United, Microsoft and Google.


His diverse background enables him to help others achieve success by helping them overcome their internal obstacles and imaginary boundaries.  Jeff has coached business leaders, military personnel, young adults and aspiring athletes enabling them to take their game to the next level.  He is an expert in helping businesses and individuals overcome the FEARS of SUCCESS enabling them to go from surviving to thriving.


As a speaker and expert in achieving a successful life, Jeff has addressed audiences across the United States.  His audiences have included Admirals, Generals, University Presidents, and top business leaders which has provided him the unique perspective needed to create his Success An Intentional Lifestyle program; a program that is designed to enable individuals, teams and organizations to reach their goals and achieve their full potential for success.



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Jeff Heiser Radio


Jeff Heiser - Host of  Success An Intentional Lifestyle Radio Show  can be heard LIVE every Monday morning at 8:00 AM.  Be INTENTIONAL, tune in to hear his show.  It just might change your life.


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  "Nothing happens without you taking the first step."

Jeff Heiser

Jeff Heiser Radio


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"Jeff - I just listened to Saturday’s show.  It was one of your best yet.  So sincere and emotional.  I know you are doing what you love.  Keep doing it and God Bless you on your journey. "  New Port Richy Florida - CAH


"Beautiful, my friend! Keep up the good work. Wishing you tons of blessings and success on everything you do. -A friend rooting for your success...." - Nelson Carcamo Gainesville, Virginia


"Hello Jeff, I heard your radio shows, I sincerely think , India needs your guidance and inspiration." - Sreyashi Chaki


"I listened live! It was really good!  I loved it!" - J. Arnstein, Palm Bay Florida


"Awesome!  It brought back many memories."  Especially moving and taking risk leaving family and friends to an unfamiliar country.  I was able to travel with you on this journey it was just beautiful.  Thank you my friend for sharing." - L. Salazar, Facebook


"Jeff I thought the interview with Nathan Osmond was fantastic or as we say in England brilliant, I listened on the internet and will encourage everyone who missed it to listen now its been archived. I'm also going to check out some of your previous shows now. Please invite him back again soon." - Bev Littleone, England


"Just listened.  Good Show!" - B. Butler, Brandon Florida


"Another great show Jeff.  Can't wait to hear next week's guest." - DB, Cape Canaveral


"Great show Jeff even in the middle of the night here in Guam." - Military Service Member stationed in Guam


"Jeff, I'm listening to your archived programs and am enjoying them immensely. Thank you for encouraging us to live intentionally. Great stuff!!" - C. Stokes , Brandon Florida





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"Nothing happens without

           you taking the first step"

Although Jeff is a radio talk show host, he is also a highly-gifted motivational speaker presenting to audiences across the United States.  He brings a fresh perspective to any organization's game plan for success and tailors each of his presentations to his many audiences.  If you are looking for an energetic, entertaining, out-of-the-box experience that's guaranteed to be life changing, then look no further than Jeff Heiser.  Jeff is booked as a keynote, emcee, break-out session and even does school assemblies.


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